Our in-house computer systems which include a Silicon Graphics ONYX IR super computer, Silicon Graphics workstations, a network of Windows and Linux PC microcomputers, and an extensive array of peripheral devices.

The DRI staff has developed and applied a number of computer simulations for vehicle dynamics and control analysis.

Available versions involve a wide range of vehicles, such as:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Trucks and utility vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Articulated vehicles, trailers
  • Buses
  • Aircraft

DRI’s Proprietary Software

DRI also owns or licenses large scale software systems to support simulation and analysis.

These include the following software packages:

  • ATB, US Air Force “Articulated Total Body” program for modeling of multi-body systems and impacts (equivalent to NHTSA CVS crash simulation)
  • DRI/ATB1, extended version of ATB which includes capabilities for increased array dimensions, breakable joints, and closed loop control systems
  • MADYMO, multi-body and finite element program for the analysis and modeling of crash mechanics
  • ADAMS, for multi-body vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation
  • VISIONFORM, for high speed 3D graphics and animations of time history results and simulator roadway scenes
  • NASTRAN, finite element code
  • ANSYS, finite element code
  • MATLAB, for PC based analysis and data reduction

Overall, these software capabilities fully complement DRI’s computing hardware resources, and enable an applied research group the size of DRI to accomplish very significant experiments, analyses, simulations and hardware and software development to support the needs of our clients.

DRI’s Owned or Licensed Software

DRI provides engineering design, development and operational support services for customized driving simulators for clients. Simulators are specified and designed based on a review of customer requirements and budget factors, and take into account growth paths for evolving capabilities.

DRI Simulator Design Services Include:

  • Functional requirements definition and analysis based on client needs
  • Development of simulator specifications based on requirements and budget
  • Facility design and layout
  • Software development
  • System integration and test
  • Operational support

Simulation Software Custom Designed by DRI:

  • DRI-developed software, in regular use on the DRI Driving Simulator, is also available for licensing. This software includes:
  • Vehicle models
  • Visual scene run-time rendering
  • Audio cueing * Motion cueing
  • Scenario creation and run-time execution
  • Operator’s console software
  • Roadway, traffic and cultural features graphic databases

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