Human Factors and Ergonomics
Research Studies for Vehicles at DRI

Skilled, Resourced, and Experienced in Human Factors Research Studies

Human Factors at DRI means taking state of the art automotive engineering and adapting it through rigorous applied research for the everyday driver.   This includes measurement and analysis of driver behavior; including control and decision making, attentional workload, perception, the effect of impairment, physical and mental workload, and the issues of skill and training. DRI’s experience in such human factors studies has typically involved automobiles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, other ground vehicles.

All of the related facilities, software, and test resources are available in-house.

The evaluation methods and resources used include:
  • Operator-in-the-loop driving simulators (moving and fixed-base)
  • Laboratory studies
  • Actual vehicle at closed-course site
  • Over-the-Road
  • Risk-benefit assessment

All Human Factor studies follow strict safety and human use protocols with the oversight of an in-house Federally approved Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Example study topics and applications include:
  • Driver response and performance with ADAS, Automated, and Connected vehicles
  • Driver use of in-vehicle ITS devices and telematics
  • Vehicle control systems
  • Driver/vehicle anthropometry
  • Driver/vehicle response and performance assessment

The professional staff of DRI, together with its resources are both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. These are important attributes in Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and other vehicle related Human Factors studies.

These studies typically involve or the results apply to:
  • Human factors evaluations of vehicles, or components or devices
  • Current product problem solving
  • Future product marketing evaluations and surveys
  • Technical support of the development of vehicle and device standards and guidelines
  • Technical consulting in product litigation activities


Driving Simulators

Interactive, driver-in-the-loop, large display driving simulators, useful to support vehicle and component development, and for studies of driver behavior and the effect of roadway parameters. These include a research grade moving-base driving simulator and a fixed-base driving simulator. The DRI Moving Base Driving Simulator is one of only a few in the world in its class.

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