Accident Research

Accident data analyses, occupant injury modelling and accident simulations

Evidence-based research for sound decision-making

Our accident research team focuses on understanding the factors that contribute to road crashes and injuries, evaluating the impact of safety and mobility technologies and providing evidence-based research that can be used by OEMs for improved automotive design and by government for the development of sound policy. We use methods such as road user behaviour studies and statistical analysis of accident data.

Accident data analysis

Our analyses of accident data seek to identify accident patterns and trends as well as the root causes and contributing factors that lead to accidents, whether they be human factors, road design and conditions, vehicle or environmental factors. By providing an evidential basis policymakers, OEMs and safety authorities can prioritize effective interventions and preventive measures.

Human response and control models

We have a range of human mathematical models that can be used in accident research simulations including those used to simulate human body biomechanical response to impacts for vehicle crash and rollover simulations and human injury potential models used for injury risk-benefit analyses. Additional models are available for predictive modeling of driver behavior and handling performance and quantification of comfort for vehicle NVH studies.

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