Soft Pedestrian 360™

Unrivalled realism, durability and vehicle protection

Euro NCAP approved pedestrian target

The Soft Pedestrian 360 is a VRU pedestrian target that combines low-cost, high-durability, and realistic movement. It simulates the appearance and movement of a real pedestrian more accurately than conventional targets through the use of synchronized active articulation. Its carefully considered design does not have any exposed hard components that can damage test vehicles.

Realistic movement

With its sophisticated active articulation of the knee, hip, shoulder and neck, the Soft Pedestrian 360 has been designed with improved sensor perception and categorization in mind. Its “step-in-sync” gait is automatically synchronized with the target’s position, speed and acceleration, avoiding the “Flintstoning” phenomenon.

Damage minimization

The Soft Pedestrian 360 is designed to minimise damage to test vehicles during crash tests. This target is made of soft, lightweight foam, which separates into low mass components that absorb the energy of an impact. The Soft Pedestrian 360’s thoughtful design ensures compliance at impact but provides enough stiffness for effective articulation. Concealed joint mechanisms and the pole attachment are also encased in foam blocks so no hard mechanical parts come in contact with the subject vehicle.

Designed for efficient testing

The Soft Pedestrian 360 features a modular design that reduces damage to vehicles and increases uptime. Its limbs and head are made of foam and encased in a hard-wearing fabric, which is easy and cost-effective to replace when damaged. Limbs also feature a unique servo design with an integrated slipper clutch to prevent damage caused by being back driven on impact. And modularity means its active arms and head can be swapped for static units to simplify testing if required.

Product Specifications

The Soft Pedestrian 360 can be optioned with static or articulating arms and head.

  • Soft Pedestrian 360™

    1800 mm
    Shoulder width
    500 mm
    6kg (fully articulated)
    Maximum collision speed
    80 km/h
    Water resistance
    Supported sensor testing
    Mono/stereo camera
    Near infrared
    Euro NCAP approved

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