Fully automated, accurate and repeatable verification of ADAS test targets

Ensure targets are within specification

The DRI ScanR object scanner takes accurate and repeatable radar and LiDAR measurements of surrogate ADAS test targets for verification and calibration, or it can be used to measure real objects to better understand their characteristics.

It is ideal for periodically verifying that targets maintain their sensor-perceived properties and that they meet specified standards such as those from Euro NCAP, ISO and SAE.

360° and radial scans

Using differential GPS/IMU and fully automatic drive and steer the ScanR performs 360 degree scans and radial scans from various viewing angles. The ScanR can be fitted with multiple radar sensors as well as LiDAR and vision sensors. Highly portable and water resistant, it does not require an anechoic chamber or turn table.

Simultaneous measurements

Objects can be measured concurrently using multiple sensors, saving time and effort. The software allows for both fixed range and fixed angle measurement. Fixed range can quantify the full radar cross section characteristics of a target using 360-degree scans, and fixed angle measurement replicates the interaction between a target and a vehicle as it approaches the target.

It is operated from an integrated removable touchscreen PC which also provides instantaneous onscreen results.

Tailored specification

The ScanR can be fitted with a variety of additional radar sensors and sensor technologies such as LiDAR or vision sensors and various DGPS/IMU systems. It’s provided with a trihedral for calibration and additional calibration objects such as spheres and dihedrals are available.

Product Specifications

The ScanR test object scanner can be optioned with multiple radar sensors, LiDAR, or vision sensors.

  • ScanR

    Sensor height
    Adjustable from 0.22 to 0.96 m
    Automatic path following
    User interface
    Touchscreen PC
    Rechargeable 12 volt battery
    Radar sensor options
    Continental ARS408 or Bosch GPR
    Calibration object
    10 dB-m² trihedral

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