About DRI

At the forefront of technical innovation

Since 1979 DRI has played a pivotal role in the development of safer vehicles, and we continue to shape the future of mobility as the automotive industry transitions to autonomy. At DRI we have never been happy with the status quo, which has driven us to develop new technologies that in-turn enable our customers to achieve what was previously impossible.

Our knowledge and expertise

Whether it’s through vehicle dynamics, ADAS and suspension system testing, human factors research, or pioneering test products, we’re providing our customers with the knowledge and expertise to make vehicles smarter, more sustainable and to enhance the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.

Our pioneering spirit

The pioneering spirit that DRI embodies led us to develop innovations such as the Guided Soft Target (GST) platform and the Soft Car 360 – which was adopted by Euro NCAP as its Global Vehicle Target and is now used by the world’s leading OEMs, proving grounds and testing houses to safely develop the next generation of vehicles.

Our people

Our people are at the heart of our innovation, with passionate high-performance engineers, technicians and researchers who are committed to developing the best outcome for our customers.

Our people are guided by our values:

We create valuable partnerships with our customers through collaboration to understand and deliver their requirements.
We empower people by supporting and challenging each other to thrive. Integrity and respect are at the forefront of everything we do.
We recognise the importance of strengthening, improving and enriching our culture and practices through diverse opinions, skills and people.
We inspire creativity by giving people the space to challenge the ‘now’ and engineer for the future.
We are never satisfied with the status quo. We invest in our people, products and processes by encouraging learning and self-enrichment to deliver world class services and products to our customers.
We enable a culture of personal ownership and commitment to ourselves, our customers, our shareholders and the environment. We are always looking for opportunities to improve the sustainability of our operations.

Part of a global group

We’re proud to be a truly international company since we were acquired by AB Dynamics plc in 2019. As part of the group, we can support you with a comprehensive portfolio of automotive testing and development solutions.

  • AB Dynamics

    Driving robots, driverless testing, ADAS test platforms and software together with steering and suspension system laboratory test machines.

  • ABD Solutions

    Retrofit solutions that automate off-highway vehicle fleets, focusing on materials handling, defence, mining and agricultural applications.

  • Ansible Motion

    A leading provider of advanced driving simulators to the global automotive and motorsport market, optimised for applications requiring sustained cueing.

  • rFpro

    Physics-based simulation environments and digital models to accelerate the development, testing and validation of assistance systems, autonomy and vehicle dynamics.

  • Venshure Test Services

    Dynamometer-based testing services including mileage accumulation and assessment of EV powertrain and battery performance across a range of extreme climatic conditions.

  • VadoTech

    Evaluation of complete vehicles and individual systems on public roads, focusing on end-userquality and durability together with market-leading high voltage EV training services.

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