DRI has expert teams of engineers and researchers, market-leading facilities, and in-house developed industry-approved test equipment to provide the right solution for you

Autonomous Testing Facilities

Our newly refurbished facility has been built for the testing and development of autonomous vehicles.

Our privately owned test facility is located in Bakersfield, California. With year-round good weather it includes two multi-lane 1km roadways, an NCAP intersection and a vehicle dynamics area. The facility also features secure vehicle storage and workshop areas, conference facilities and office space.

DRI has an extensive array of ADAS and AV testing equipment, including AB Dynamics’ target platforms and driving robots and our range of highly realistic ADAS targets, such as the Soft Car 360, Soft Pedestrian 360 and Soft Motorcycle 360. Specialist software enables us to accurately choreograph sophisticated test scenarios with multiple subjects to replicate real-world situations in a controlled and repeatable way.

Consumer & Regulatory Testing

Testing DRI is a one stop shop for international consumer and regulatory testing and development. We enable all your ADAS testing to be conducted in a single place, all in one go.

At DRI we can test the full suite of IIHS, NHTSA and Euro NCAP ADAS tests, including Car-to-Car AEB and FCW, vulnerable road users, pedestrian AEB and intersection safety assist. We do this using our in-house developed NCAP-approved ADAS targets and highly accurate target platforms from AB Dynamics.

As a testing consultancy, we carry out hundreds of these tests a year and are trusted by manufacturers and regulatory bodies alike. Because we know testing inside and out we can advise you how to achieve the best results as efficiently as possible. And instant test results mean we can refine testing on the go, so there is no time wasted. DRI is currently an approved contractor for NHTSA NCAP testing and can also conduct IIHS verification tests.


Reducing Time To Market

At DRI we have extensive test capabilities and a team of highly experienced engineers and researchers to help you accelerate your development to bring products to market sooner. We have decades of experience in ADAS testing, dynamics testing, human factors research and consulting in a wide range of vehicle development areas.

Whether you’re an established OEM or an emerging EV maker take advantage of our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art test equipment to fast-track your development. Our team will work with you to identify the best approach and equipment necessary to make your testing as efficient aspossible.


Delivering Autonomy Level 3+

The autonomous technology landscape is advancing quickly as Level 3+ becomes more widely adopted. With every additional level of autonomy the complexity of the systems increases and so does the development required.

Thoroughly testing Level 3+ systems to ensure they are robust and safe is critical to success. At DRI, we offer a comprehensive range of services to test and develop all levels of autonomous and ADAS technologies. We specialize in taking your testing from simulation to the test track where we develop robust test methodologies to repeatably carry out sophisticated test scenarios involving theego vehicle and multiple vehicles and ADAS targets.

Level 3 autonomy poses a particular challenge for engineers as the responsibility for control of the vehicle changes from the driver to the vehicle. Our specialist team of human factors researchers can help to evaluate and refine your handover process.


Growing Testing Capacity

Use DRI to quickly increase your testing capability. Whether you want to accelerate your development, need expertise to resolve a challenging problem or require access to an extensive range of class-leading test equipment, DRI can help.

Establishing a new test department, or growing an existing one requires significant investment and can take time to become fully operational. We enable you to leverage our industry-standard DRI and AB Dynamics test equipment, market-leading facilities and a proven team of experts.

Whether you require a full test program to be defined and conducted, simply need access to the equipment, or anything in between, we are at hand to be rapidly deployed to instantly grow your testing capabilities and fill your gaps.


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