California Proving Ground Rental

Real-world testing on a safe and closed-course test track

Year-round ADAS and dynamics test facility

DRI’s automotive proving ground near Bakersfield, California is conveniently located near Silicon Valley. A private, year-round facility, it includes a vehicle dynamics area, two marked four-lane roads 1km in length and an NCAP intersection. We can offer a range of track and test equipment rental packages customized to suit your needs, or we’ll conduct the testing for you.

Vehicle dynamics area

Our Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA) features a 400m, 9m wide run up lane which leads onto the main maneuvering area, which is 90m wide and 240m long including the throat. It is ideal for a wide range of dynamics testing including trailer handling tests and fishhook rollover tests. The area is also suitable for pass-by noise measurements and studies of driver behavior.

The VDA is supported with shop facilities including vehicle lifts, tire changing and wheel alignment equipment. Plus, we are always on hand to help.

Track area

Our dual four-lane 1km tracks conform to specifications requiring less than 0.5% slope and greater than 0.9 coefficient of friction. Marked lanes and a marked intersection are ideal for testing intersection collision warning and intervention systems, including US NCAP lane departure warning tests and Euro NCAP lane support systems tests.

The area also features an NHTSA Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle (SSV). The SSV is commonly used for testing Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems including Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Crash Imminent Braking (CIB) and Dynamic Brake Support (DBS) performance evaluations.

Facilities and test equipment

To support your testing we have three secure workshop areas, a conference room and office space. We carry a wide range of sophisticated ADAS test equipment including AB Dynamics driving robots for accurate, precise and repeatable testing, DRI soft car, motorcycle and pedestrian targets, as well as AB Dynamics GST and LaunchPad VRU platforms.

Test software and differential GPS and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are also available for recording and reporting accurate vehicle position, speed, heading, and accelerations for the test vehicle and targets.

Our Test Track

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DRI’s California proving ground and kinematics and compliance test facility is located at Minter Field, 15 miles north of Bakersfield, California.

5001 Stearman Ave, Shafter, CA 93263, USA

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