ADAS Testing Services

At the forefront of ADAS and AV testing

A rich history in ADAS testing

Since the inception of active vehicle safety systems, DRI has been at the forefront of developing solutions to verify and validate their performance.

The need to test emerging ADAS technologies led to DRI developing the GST test platform and the Soft Car 360. Together they have revolutionized the testing and development of life saving ADAS technologies. Since then, DRI has gone on to develop test products and testing methodologies that have improved the safety of vulnerable road users, including the realistic Soft Motorcycle 360 and the Soft Pedestrian 360.

Comprehensive range of ADAS testing services

We offer a comprehensive range of ADAS testing services to help you get your next model to market faster.

Our team is equipped with the latest technology and testing methodologies to thoroughly assess and validate the performance of ADAS and autonomous systems. From automated emergency braking through SAE Level 3 eyes-off systems you can rely on us to develop and implement a testing program to ensure that your systems perform as intended in real-world scenarios, providing your customers with safety and peace of mind.

Bundled test packages

Because we undertake verification testing across all the current ADAS scenarios for Euro NCAP, NHTSA and IIHS we can do all three as a package. Our customers often choose to bundle all of their regulatory and consumer ADAS testing together to minimize the time and cost of test vehicle logistics and reduce setup time

ADAS test types

DRI has extensive experience undertaking a wide range of IIHS and Euro NCAP standard tests, and we are the current contractor for NHTSA ADAS testing. In addition, we conduct many types of non-standard tests including those for adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert and on-coming vehicle.

We also carry out complex development test scenarios including multiple vehicle swarm tests commonly used to develop Level 3+ technologies including highway assist automated driving systems.

  • US NCAP (incl. draft tests)

    • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)*
    • Collision Imminent Braking (CIB)*
    • Dynamic Brake Support (DBS)*
    • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)*
    • Pedestrian AEB (PAEB)*
    • Lane Keeping Support Systems (LKS)*
    • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)*
    • Blind Spot Intervention (BSI)*
    • Rear Auto Braking (RAB)
    • Motorcycle FCW (MC-FCW)
    • CIB w/ GST as target vehicle (CIB-GST)
    • Intersection Safety Assist (ISA)
    • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

    * DRI is the NHTSA NCAP contractor

  • Euro NCAP 2023

    • Car-to-Car AEB and FCW (C2C)
    • Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)
    • Lane Support Systems (LSS)
  • IIHS

    • Pedestrian AEB, including manufacturer verification testing
    • Car-to-Car AEB
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
    • Client specified development and verification tests

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Surrogate ADAS targets that set the standard for realism and durability