Soft Motorcycle 360™

The motorcycle target with revolutionary realism

Euro NCAP approved PTW target

The Soft Motorcycle 360 is a durable and realistic surrogate powered two wheeler target that is stable at speeds of up to 80km/h and complies with Euro NCAP 2023 and ISO 19206-5 draft requirements. Its speed-matched rotating wheels and realistic shape mean that it is reliably recognized by vehicle sensor systems including cameras, radar and LiDAR.


Its revolutionary design is based on detailed measurements of the shape and rider position of the most common motorcycles on the road today – ensuring the target is correctly identified and classified by sensor systems. The Soft Motorcycle 360’s rubberized outer and foam inner enables the geometry of a real motorcycle to be realistically represented.

Speed-matched rotating wheels

One of the most innovative features of the Soft Motorcycle 360 is its rotating wheels. Unlike other motorcycle targets, the Soft Motorcycle 360 has wheels that spin at the same speed as the target’s motion, creating a realistic Doppler effect for radar sensors. This makes the target more easily recognized and classified by vehicle sensors, which improves the accuracy and reliability of ADAS testing.

Rigid yet compliant

The Soft Motorcycle 360’s lightweight structure is compliant and can be impacted with minimal risk of damage to the test car or target, while its foam core provides aerodynamic stability. The foam construction has been hollowed in areas to improve its compliance when impacted by a test vehicle. It does this while maintaining the necessary stiffness for highly dynamic maneuvers. The mix of compliance and rigidity reduces vehicle damage while enabling maximum test speeds of 80 Km/h when paired with AB Dynamics’ LaunchPad 80 platform.

Product Specifications

The Soft Motorcycle 360 is Euro NCAP approved and is suitable for testing all of the current Euro NCAP motorcycle-based ADAS test scenarios in conjunction with the AB Dynamics LaunchPad 80 and Humanetics UFO Micro platforms.

  • Soft Motorcycle 360™

    1460 mm
    Wheel diameter
    635 mm
    Overall height
    1670 mm
    610 mm
    Maximum speed at which target is stable
    80 km/h
    Water resistance
    Supported sensor testing
    Mono/stereo camera
    Euro NCAP 2023 protocol
    ISO 19206-5 WD

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