Instrumentation and Test Support Equipment

A few examples of high quality sensors available at DRI include:

  • Trimble RTK-type GPS receivers, Oxford Inertial (INS) or xNav + intertial navigation systems

  • Endevco, Silicon Designs, and Honeywell accelerometers

  • Racelogic VBox

  • BEI Systron Donner or Crossbow Inertial Measurement Systems (IMU)

  • Accelerometers, load cells, displacement sensors, and pressure sensors

  • Somat eDAQ data acquisition systems

  • FaroArm coordinate measurement machine

  • Automatic vehicle controllers are also commonly used.

Outriggers for Every Testing Scenario

“NHTSA-style” (standard size) outriggers are available for use in Fishhook and FMVSS 126 testing to ensure test safety. DRI has extensive experience in designing and fabricating brackets to mount the outriggers to specific vehicles. Outriggers for other types of vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, side-by-side off-road vehicles) are also available, or can be designed and fabricated as necessary. DRI has a well-equipped machine shop, with mills, lathe, drill press, welders, plasma cutter, etc, as well as a vehicle lift, tire changing and balancing machines, vehicle platform, and other devices needed for fabrication and test preparation.

Video, Photography, and Analyzers

An array of video cameras, recording equipment and high speed photographic equipment is available, as are video and film analyzers for frame-by-frame analysis.

Crash Dummies

Additional equipment to support vehicle crash tests includes a range of Hybrid and ISO crash dummies, associated sensors and dummy internal or external data recording systems. Vehicle crash tests are typically conducted by a separate special purpose facility under subcontract.

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