Advanced vehicle testing, California proving ground, ADAS targets and human factors research

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For the past 40 years DRI has played a pivotal role in the development of safer vehicles, and we continue to shape the future of mobility as the automotive industry transitions to autonomy.

Whether it’s through vehicle dynamics, ADAS and suspension system testing, human factors research, or pioneering test products, we’re providing our customers with the knowledge and expertise to make vehicles smarter, more sustainable and to enhance the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.

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ADAS Testing

Our team of experienced test engineers and technicians is equipped with the latest technology to thoroughly assess and validate the performance ADAS and autonomous systems. We offer services from the beginning of the development cycle through to FMVSS, NHTSA NCAP and Euro NCAP testing.

California Proving Ground

DRI’s automotive proving ground near Bakersfield California is a private, year-round facility that includes a vehicle dynamics area, two four lane roads 1 km in length, with lane markings and an NCAP intersection. We can offer a range of rental packages customized to suit your needs.

Human Factors Research

Our human factors research team has decades of experience improving the interaction between drivers and vehicle systems. From ADAS and autonomous technologies to vehicle-to-vehicle communication and driver distraction studies, we offer customised research aimed at optimizing user experiences and enhancing safety.

Kinematics & Compliance

We use the market-leading SPMM to precisely measure and evaluate a vehicle’s suspension system. Designed around the core principle of faithfully simulating on-road vehicle behavior, the SPMM is the industry’s most technically advanced kinematics and compliance test machine. In addition to the full suite of standard K&C tests we also provide center of gravity and moment of inertia measurements.

Accident Research Analysis

We offer comprehensive analysis and reporting of vehicle accident data, providing invaluable insights into the circumstances and causes of ground vehicle incidents. Through the analysis of accident data and statistics, our research team can help policymakers, OEMs and safety organizations identify patterns and trends in accidents and develop appropriate responses.

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Our highly experienced technicians and engineers can develop and execute a testing program to assess vehicle ride, handling, lateral performance and braking at our specialized vehicle dynamics area. We also have vast experience conducting compliance tests including FMVSS 126 electronic stability control tests and NCAP dynamic rollover resistance tests for NHTSA.

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

DRI offers a range of dynamics simulation services to design, test, and optimize vehicle performance, safety and efficiency. In addition, we can enhance vehicle models with data from our kinematics and compliance measurement facility and real-world track testing data.

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