The New Global Vehicle Target (GVT) has arrived!

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Soft Car 360® Revision G





ISO 19206-3 Compliant

Verified using ISO procedures and metrics






Approved for Turn-Across-Path

Approved by Euro NCAP for use in Car-to-Car Front Turn-Across-Path (CCFtap) scenarios



Upgrade Revision F Soft Cars

Can be upgraded for Euro NCAP Car-to-Car Rear (CCR) scenarios

Sturdier Shape

Improved side support for a more repeatable shape

Feature Details

ISO 19206-3 Compliant

The Soft Car 360® meets all requirements specified in ISO 19206-3: Requirements for passenger vehicle 3D targets. The Radar characteristics are representative of typical passenger vehicles as confirmed using Fixed-Angle and Fixed-Range measurement procedures as well as spatial locations of the reflections. The Radar measurements were performed using DRI’s Radar Measurement Cart, which can be used to perform calibrated measurements in the field.

Approved for Turn-Across-Path

Euro NCAP has approved DRI’s new approved Euro NCAP Soft Car 360® can be used for the new CCFtap scenario being introduced in the 2020 protocol as well as for existing scenarios., such as CCR (Car-to-Car Rear). The previous version of the Soft Car, Revision F, is still approved for the CCR scenarios

CCR (2018+): Revision F or G          CCFtap (2020+): Revision G

Upgrade Revision F Soft Cars

Many customers are currently using the Soft Car 360 Revision F for development and testing. Existing customers can continue to use their Revision F targets for Euro NCAP CCR evaluations and their own internal development. However, if a customer wants to test For Euro NCAP CCFtap scenarios customers should consider purchasing a new Revision G target or a Retrofit Kit to convert their Revision F to G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Soft Car change?

DRI has been working with sensor suppliers to ensure the characteristics of the Soft Car are representative and in line with the state of the art in terms of detection algorithms.  As sensor detection algorithms become more sophisticated it is necessary to present a more realistic representation to prevent false alarms and misclassifications.

What changed between Revision F and G?

In order to improve the characteristics from the front and side, we made several changes to the radar treatment that is integrated into the Soft Car components. This includes changes to the skin and wheel treatment.  There were also some minor shape changes to the front of the Soft Car to improve front radar return and to the side to improve the ability to hold its shape.

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