Driving Simulators for the Development or Evaluation of Vehicle Systems

DRI has both moving base and fixed base, research grade, driving simulators.

These driving simulators are used to support the development or evaluation of vehicle systems, to study driver behavior and human factors (HF) issues in various driving situations, or to investigate the effects of roadway and traffic factors on driver response and performance.

DRI can help investigate or resolve human factors and human-machine-interface (HMI) issues using our state of the art driving simulators.

DRI has experienced HF and simulator staff to conduct driver behavior studies, including project planning, experimental design, scenario development, participant recruitment, testing, analysis, and reporting. The simulator studies follow strict safety and human use protocols, and are accomplished with the oversight of the Federally approved DRI Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Both simulators are available for use and DRI staff will work with clients to conduct driver behavior studies.


Motion Base Driving Simulator

DRI has specified, designed, constructed, and now maintains and operates a research grade Motion Base Driving Simulator. It is one of a limited number of such large scale driving simulators in use in the world today. It has a 180 degree forward field of view high resolution graphics; a fully instrumented cab with steering loader and rear-view mirror displays; and an electro-hydraulic 6 degree of freedom motion base. Several cabs are available.

Fixed Based Driving Simulator

DRI also has a Fixed Based Driving Simulator. This simulator is fully compatible with the software and graphics of the Motion Base Simulator, and can be used in studies that do not require the advanced cueing capabilities of the Motion Base Simulator. It has a 330 degree forward field of view and a fully instrumented cab with steering loader. It is designed to be used with any off-the-street or prototype vehicle as a cab, requiring only minimal modifications to adapt the vehicle to the simulator.

Custom Developed Software to Support Every Simulation Scenario

Both DRI simulators use the same software and graphic databases. The vehicle dynamics models, graphics, motion and scenario software were developed completely in-house. The system is also compatible with third-party real-time vehicle dynamics models. Graphics databases and scenarios can run on either simulator, or can be networked to provide a two-driver virtual world.

DRI’s Driving Simulators Support Vehicle R&D:

  • Wide range of vehicle and system configurations
  • Controlled driving conditions
  • Repeatable conditions
  • Driving tasks and system parameters easily changed
  • Measurements easy to make
  • Hardware in the loop accommodated
  • Rapid scenario development
  • Experimental efficiency
  • Little or no risk to participants
  • Experienced Human Factors staff
  • Experienced simulator design and development staff
  • Applications – support the study or evaluation of:
  • Vehicle devices and component systems
  • Vehicle response and performance
  • Driver factors and driver behavior
  • Driver/vehicle roadway and environment interaction
  • Simulator technology development
  • Vehicle-related standards and regulations development
  • Product issues; including reconstructions and analyses, recall investigations, etc.
  • Dynamic Research, Inc. (DRI), specializes in applied research, development and consulting in the areas of vehicle dynamics and control, vehicle systems, human factors and ergonomics, biomechanics, structural mechanics, simulation technology, and accidentology.

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