Human Response and Control Modeling and Simulation Applications

Our human response and control models and simulations are applicable to a range of different areas.

  • Driver (pilot, rider, etc.) active control of vehicle motions (e.g., steering, throttle, braking in a variety of on-road and off-road tasks, maneuvers and conditions, for predictive modeling of driver behavior and handling performance

  • Human body active and passive response as related to vehicle control (e.g., human limb impedance, body-active control of small vehicles, etc.)

  • Human body biomechanical response to impacts and large amplitude motions, for purposes of vehicle crash and rollover simulations

  • Human injury potential models, probabilistic models based on measured biomechanical forces and motions, and expressed in normalized injury cost terms, as are useful in injury risk-benefit analyses

  • Human comfort rating models, statistically derived empirical models of juries of human subjects, for predictive quantification of comfort due to measurable physical variables, in the areas of vehicle ride, handling noise and vibration

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