Parameter Measurement

DRI’s R&D activities in support of R&D frequently involve measuring and determining vehicle or human parameters for the foregoing applications. DRI has developed instrumentation, apparatus, methodologies, software, and related expertise for performing such measurements, and also has access to a variety of parametric databases, which support its simulation activities on behalf of clients.

Supporting Software

DRI has a wide range of software which it uses to support its R&D activities. This includes both proprietary and licensed software for analysis in the following areas:

  • System identification and optimization
  • Multi-variable statistical analyses
  • Large scale experimental data post-processing and analysis
  • Time series and frequency domain analysis
  • Control systems analysis
  • VISIONFORM, for high speed 3D graphics and animation of time history results and simulator roadway scenes (licensed through Kinetic Visuals, a DRI subsidiary)
  • AUTOCAD, for modeling and translating client models of 3D objects
  • MATLAB, for PC based analysis and data reduction
  • Designer toolboxes, for developing user friendly and other special interfaces in Windows and other environments

Supporting Hardware

The analytical capabilities of DRI are supported by a range of in-house computer systems, which include a Silicon Graphics ONYX IR super computer, Silicon Graphics workstations, networks of Windows and Linux PC microcomputers, and an extensive array of peripheral devices.

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