Computer-Based Simulation for Public and Private Projects

Our simulation software has been developed in connection with projects for the public and private sectors. They range from relatively simple, linearized lateral or longitudinal models to more complicated nonlinear, all axis models involving large motions. Simulation programs are typically in FORTRAN, C, or C++.

DRI also owns or licenses large scale software systems to support simulation and analysis on behalf of its clients.

These typically are used to model entire vehicles and their occupants and include the following:

  • ATB, US Air Force “Articulated Total Body” program for modeling of multi-body systems and impacts (equivalent to NHTSA CVS crash simulation)
  • DRI/ATB1, extended version of ATB which includes capabilities for increased array dimensions, breakable joints, and closed loop control systems
  • MADYMO, multi-body and finite element program for the analysis and modeling of crash mechanics
  • ADAMS, for multi-body vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation

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