Soft Pedestrian 360 is now Euro NCAP approved

DRI’s Soft Pedestrian 360 has received official approval for use in Euro NCAP testing. A next-generation ADAS target, it can now be used to conduct all of Euro NCAP’s pedestrian adult-based test scenarios.

The Soft Pedestrian 360 underwent rigorous assessment to ensure compliance with the specific requirements established by Euro NCAP. Working closely with DRI, sister company AB Dynamics provided verification data and extensive comparative test data in collaboration with a reputable Euro NCAP lab to ensure it was reliable, accurate and effective for ADAS testing.

The pedestrian ADAS target features sophisticated articulation of the knee, hip, shoulder and neck to enhance realism. The knees are actively articulated, enabling the hip and knee to move independently of each other, which controls the gait and allows a greater and more varied range of movement than a passive system can reproduce. The gait can be automatically synchronized with the target’s position, speed and acceleration relative to a starting point, through the platform’s IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). 

To reduce the possibility of damage to the test vehicle, the external hardpoints of the Soft Pedestrian 360 have been minimized and it utilizes a modular architecture, which reduces the mass of individual components that could contact the vehicle. The servos operating the limbs and the head of the pedestrian are also completely encased in foam and sit within each component. This means that the vehicle under test is protected when the limbs are disconnected upon impact.  

The target also features a novel slipper clutch that stops the servos from being back-driven during a collision which improves durability. The target is also covered in a hard-wearing fabric clothing that prevents the foam core from being worn away or torn apart, maintaining a consistent shape throughout testing. As with other components, the clothing can be cost-effectively replaced should it become damaged. 

The Soft Pedestrian 360 is the latest addition to DRI’s portfolio of Euro NCAP-approved test equipment, joining the Soft Car 360 and the Soft Motorcycle 360.