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April 2018

DRI Soft Car 360 Introduced by Euro NCAP as the Global Vehicle Target (GVT)

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The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) held a Global Vehicle Target (GVT) Familiarization event on April 12-13, 2018 in Upper Heyford, UK, to introduce the automotive industry to the an updated version of DRI’s Soft Car 360, which has been selected as the official Euro NCAP car target for the upcoming 2018 and 2019 test seasons.  At the event, vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, and others had the opportunity to see the GVT firsthand and make their own radar and other sensor measurements of it.

The following excerpt is from the event invitation by Thatcham Research, on behalf of Euro NCAP:

“In 2018 Euro NCAP introduces the Global Vehicle Target (GVT) for use in the active safety testing elements of the rating scheme. The GVT provides the full 3D representation of a passenger car necessary for the more comprehensive testing scenarios introduced in 2018, and it replaces the old Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) which represented the rear end of a vehicle. The industry has contributed to the development of the GVT, evaluating modifications to optimize the fidelity of the target for today’s automotive sensors.”

For more information about the GVT, or to order go to the DRI ATS website and request a quote for the Hatchback (GVT) model.